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Help Save Ame

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 29, 2015, 8:23 PM

Hey guys, just putting this out for any pet/kitty lovers who have a spare second.  My friend's sister's kitty, Ame, was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and started a GoFundMe to help pay for the vet bills and future treatment.  Below is a better description from their page.

In an effort to help, I'm going to try to open up some icon/badge commissions to help raise some funds for such a sweet little kitty. (will post details soon).   So if you have a spare penny, please donate or just spread this around.  Anything will help!

Hi Everyone,

Our little Ame, an important part of our family, has recently been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition: chronic kidney disease (CKD). Although it manifested rather suddenly, this is a condition that has likely developed over the course of her life. We adopted our baby from the shelter in 2008, when Christina and Jon first moved to California, and is only 8-9 years old. She was the first kitty to catch Jon's eye and despite Christina's allergies, we took this furball home and have loved her every day since.

In our emergency situation, we are currently putting Ame's veternarian bills on credit so that she can receive treatment. However, the future holds many unknowns such as the final cost of her emergency bills and the cost of her long-term care if we can stabilize her. Regardless, the total veterinary bills are being estimated around $3000 USD. This bill includes IV fluids, 24-hour care at the Southern California Speciality Veterinary Hospital , and services such as lab work, medications, and an ultrasound.

CKD is a life-threatening disease, and it will eventually be terminal. However, with proper care, Ame could still have a few more years with us if this she surmounts this big hurdle. Her care will include not only medications, but regular vet visits and daily subcutaneous fluid injections (Sub-Q's) to keep her hydrated and happy.

We want Ame to come home. "Amers" has touched the lives of all of our friends with plenty of head-butts and kisses, and she is Jon's cuddle companion and Christina's study buddy. If you can spare it, please help us give Ame the best care possible, because this little ball of fuzz deserves it.

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tooshaley Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hey Tahki! I was wondering, will Halsey ever be open for a breeding? ;;
TahkiBK Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
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tooshaley Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
If it helps I could offer a slot from my dire? //shot
but yeah, thanks for the reply anyway ;u; seems none of the brown dires are up for breeding rn so I'm kinda stumped.
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