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We're on the road to viridian...AoA City

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 8:25 PM

OH THANK YOU, it' the weekend.  I also have no apologies for the stupid Pokemon title.  Someone really needs to take that power away from me.

Halsey 1301 by TotemSpiritArms of Akna - EXCELLENT - PL by noebelle
Halsey and Kirsi's ROM by TahkiBKHalsey and Kirsi's ROF by TahkiBKHalsey's ROTH by TahkiBK

The big stupid fluff got her AoA after like two weeks of crazy drawing and an excellent rating to boot.  T.T So happy!  I think my backgrounds have improved a little bit since I did Quinn's set a few months back.  This is coming from doing a backgrounds every...well...never lol.

Kirsi and Svanna just need their Hunt Rite done and they get to join the group.  And to answer all the notes about this lovely lady, she is not open for public breedings at all.  I have to be really careful since she only has 5 slots and I intend to get some pretty babies out of her.  I'm also going to be focusing on breeding browns now since they are my absolute favorite :D.  Finally a breeding direction!

Stuff I'm working on this upcoming week between the holidays are:
  • Finish the hunting collab with Kira
  • Finish the holiday art gifts
  • Get back to drawing Quinn like a madwoman for his last 60 or so HP for DOMINANCE!
If I've missed anything or you haven't heard back from me in a note, please let me know.  I got a few notes all at one the last two weeks, so I'm bound to have missed someone.  :D Enjoy your holiday guys and good luck to those still finishing exams!

Skin by SimplySilent


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tooshaley Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
sorry to hear that toko picture Tahki -patpat-
if it makes you feel any better
seeing all your gorgeous art of tokos inspired me to join the group and get my own toko

not sure how into it I'll get since the genes seem complicated
but who knows once I can get one
should be fun~
TahkiBK Featured By Owner 2 days ago
:3 Haha, thank you.  And welcome to the group; it will steal your soul lol.  It's a really welcoming community and opens up a lot of opportunities to draw new things.  If you ever have questions, feel free to poke me!
tooshaley Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
we'll have to see about that :P I think I have a lil pup on the way now?? haven't gotten a reply yet on it.

I guess my main question would be, what are the handlers? like species-wise can they be anything?
TahkiBK Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Yeah, there's plenty of pups going around so it shouldn't be hard to snag one.  As for handlers, there's no rule of what species or anything they have to be.  I've seen shape shifters, anthros, and centaur things around.  :3 You can make them whatever you'd like.
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HellAboveHeaven Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow amazing art! ;o; keep it up! <3
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