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Tahki's Tokotas

Tahki's Tokotas

Chibi Artemis by sealle
Tokota Info & Tracking Journals…

Yellow Square Bullet by Kawiku = Dominant
Red Square Bullet by Kawiku = AoA Received
Quinn & my dires are NOT open to the public/selling slots to. I'm no longer answering notes about them. PLEASE READ. Thanks!

Yellow Square Bullet by KawikuRed Square Bullet by KawikuQuinn - Normal Mane | Tundra
Issac - Normal Mane | Tundra
Thel - Normal Made | Brown
Red Square Bullet by KawikuMontrose - Normal Made | Brown
Jai - Halfmane | Tawny
Korbin - Normal Mane | Tundra
Austin - Normal Mane | Tundra

Red Square Bullet by Kawiku Halsey - Dire | Normal Mane | Brown
Phaedra - Dire | Normal Mane | Black
Red Square Bullet by Kawiku Artemis - Normal Mane | Tundra
Red Square Bullet by Kawiku Cenobia - Normal Mane | Black
Red Square Bullet by Kawiku Celosia - Normal Mane | Black
Ripley - Curly Mane | Tawny
Red Square Bullet by Kawiku Kirsikka - Half Mane | Tawny
Tesni - Halfmane | Tawny
Sonja - Sphinx | Tundra
Red Square Bullet by Kawiku Svanna - Normal Mane | Tawny
Tess - Normal Mane | Tundra
Cassidy - Normal Mane | Tawny
Nyx - Normal Mane | Tundra
Atria - Normal Mane | Tundra

TOKOTA & ART FAQ (Please read!)


Paw Bullet (Blue) - F2U! by Drache-LehreCan I ask you a question, give a suggestion, or relay an issue regarding Tokotas to you?
Sure, that's my job! Please don't even feel hesitant to ask me a question regarding a group, no matter how big or small it is. I'm more than happy to help and if I don't know it, I'll track down someone on the team who can! :3 We're here to help.

I personally oversee Exploration so any questions about that, if I missed something, or you need info can be directed right to me! Exploration is rolled Tuesdays, Thursdays, and at some point during the weekend so you guys don't have to wait long!

Paw Bullet (Blue) - F2U! by Drache-LehreAre any of your tokotas open to public breedings?
At the moment, they're all currently closed as I muster the art powers to get all those AoAs done. If I do open slots, you'll find it in a journal. Please just be advised that Quinn and Halsey (my dire) are permanently private so I will not be providing slots from them.

Paw Bullet (Blue) - F2U! by Drache-LehreWill you do AoAs or toko art for me?
All artwork falls under my commission standards and pricing. I do not take points as payment for them and I accept paypal. There are very few times I will do artwork in return for pups/slots/etc unless it's something I REALLY want. Sorry guys, but I gotta pay bills lol.

Paw Bullet (Blue) - F2U! by Drache-LehreWill you do a collab/art trade with me?
Nope, as of this time, I no longer do either unless it is with good friends, people who've worked with me before, or I approach you. There's been too many issues with them lately.

Reversal Slot Art Raffle

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 20, 2015, 1:46 PM

Quinn M77 by TotemSpirit

Deadline: July 20th

 So the poll went out and a majority of the people would like a chance at an art raffle to get a slot from Quinn.  He is currently one of three reversal boys out there, is Dominant, and has a tiny lineage.  So how about we get this rolling!

Each picture will earn you a certain amount of tickets.  When the deadline hits, everyone's tickets will be rolled randomly ( and a winner will be chosen. 

Reply here with submissions!

The Ticket Amounts:

  • 1 Fullbody picture (shaded) will a complex background will earn you ONE TICKET.
  • 1 Fullbody picture (shaded/complex bg) as a fishing/hunting will earn you TWO TICKETS.
  • 1 Fullbody picture (shaded/complex bg) as fshing/hunting that pictures two of the featured tokos will earn you THREE TICKETS. (+1 ticket for every toko after the two)

The Rules

  • No tracing or use of premade linearts/templates
  • Art is REALLY preferred since I have my own story for my tokos that literature would make it odd to write for.
  • You may include your own tokos/handlers if you want
  • I'm asking that the artwork be decent.  No quick sketches or something that qualifies as spam.  You don't have to be an amazing artist nor does it have to be a masterpiece.  I'm just asking for some shown effort.
  • Collabs are allowed. You'll both receive the amount of tickets per category

So who are we drawing?

I'm asking for any one of of my tokotas here to be pictured. 
Halsey 1301 by TotemSpiritArtemis WF03 by TotemSpiritRipley 3322 by TotemSpiritPhaedra 4037 by TotemSpirit

Their tracking journals can be found here:
Phaedra - Tracking Journal
Ripley - Tracking Journal
Artemis - Tracking Journal
Halsey - Tracking Journal

The Prizes

Quinn M77 by TotemSpirit - One full slot to Quinn (no inbreeding & fertility supplements allowed)
Little Fluffs by TahkiBK So Graceful by TahkiBK And one chibi of whatever character you would like.

A breeding to either Montrose (good for black breedings) or Kirsikka (genobomb)
And 5 mini tokos of whoever you'd like.
Kirsikka 473 by TotemSpirit Montrose 790 by TotemSpirit Fluff Gifts by TahkiBK

5 mini tokos of whoever you'd like!
Fluff Gifts by TahkiBK


Skin by UszatyArbuz


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