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Tokota Quick Info


Quinn M77 by TotemSpiritIsaac 85 by TotemSpiritAustin 799 by TotemSpiritKorbin 801 by TotemSpirit

Svanna 384 by TotemSpiritTess 437 by TotemSpiritKirsikka 473 by TotemSpiritTokota WF03 by TotemSpiritCassidy 800 by TotemSpirit

-AGOUTI TOKOTA :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
- Longmane Tokota
- Dire Tokota
- Black Tokota
- Brown Tokota


Are any of yours available for breeding?
Nope, not that this time! I don't feel right offering out slots when some don't even have their AoAs yet. Not sure in the future if they will be available to the public/really limited offers.

Will you do an art trade or a collaboration with me?
Art trades are closed permanently and are for friends only. Long story short, I got screwed over too many times getting my end and am no longer willing to deal with it. Collabs are along the same lines. Unless I approach YOU or you're a friend, the answer is still no.

Can I have you draw my AoAs for my tokota?
Sure, my commissions are quietly open at the moment. Be aware I charge AoAs under the "All the Works" category shown there as they're time intensive. If you want a picture of your tokota besides those, they fall under the other commission categories provided there. Commission info can be found at the link at the top of the journal
:star:I do not accept points in return for commissions, sorry!

Will you design my geno?
I'm still learning with everyone else how to design these suckers to admin standards. If you really really want to, we can discuss something :3
Examples of designs that were approved can be found at the bottom of this journal -->

When will your mini adoptables be open next?
It depends on when I can work on them/finished the last round. I get a lot more work done during the weekends so that's the best time to stalk around for their opening. I'd open more slots, but I like being able to get these out to people within that 1-2 guaranteed time span :3

Are you looking to buy another toko/geno?
Always looking!. I REALLY REALLY want a long mane, but I need an act of god/winning one before I can compete with the crazy high point bidders who snagged them up. That and everyone wants the "dire" toko now. DAT BIG FLUFF I NEED IT.


Mini Tokos - Round 5 by TahkiBK Itty Bitty Adopts - ClosedUpdate:
This round should hopefully be done tonight.  My time to work on these depends on if I'm dead after work (I work the night shift until 11pm) so please be patient. 

Total Minis Done:

60 :D
What to Know:
Each toko is 50 Points each.All manes, except YETI, are available.
5 slots/people at a time, as many tokos as you want

I should be able to get these out within 1-2 days from request date.  If it will be longer, I will notify you!Please do not remove the watermark on these guys.  I tried to make least as invasive as possible.You can chose whether or not you'd like their name included in the miniCan be claimed for HP, just remember that recolors are half the normal points!DO NOT SEND ME POINTS until I reply to your comment.
:star:Reply to the

Info about how to get one/openings can be found there.


Still alive

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2014, 8:33 PM

Just continuing to die from sinus infection crap and whatever else I have -chugs medicine-.  I'll answer all my notes and such this weekend when I get some actual sleep and my brain isn't being delirious on me.

Somehow I have to get the collab part of my last brawl entry back from my partner and finish the 2 Halloween entries left in a little more than one week.  OH GOD -flails-.  And then I need to go get my butt active on DOC.  Best time to die on me, body XD

Skin by SimplySilent


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TahkiBK Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
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