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We're on the road to viridian...AoA City

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 8:25 PM

OH THANK YOU, it' the weekend.  I also have no apologies for the stupid Pokemon title.  Someone really needs to take that power away from me.

Halsey 1301 by TotemSpiritArms of Akna - EXCELLENT - PL by noebelle
Halsey and Kirsi's ROM by TahkiBKHalsey and Kirsi's ROF by TahkiBKHalsey's ROTH by TahkiBK

The big stupid fluff got her AoA after like two weeks of crazy drawing and an excellent rating to boot.  T.T So happy!  I think my backgrounds have improved a little bit since I did Quinn's set a few months back.  This is coming from doing a backgrounds every...well...never lol.

Kirsi and Svanna just need their Hunt Rite done and they get to join the group.  And to answer all the notes about this lovely lady, she is not open for public breedings at all.  I have to be really careful since she only has 5 slots and I intend to get some pretty babies out of her.  I'm also going to be focusing on breeding browns now since they are my absolute favorite :D.  Finally a breeding direction!

Stuff I'm working on this upcoming week between the holidays are:
  • Finish the hunting collab with Kira
  • Finish the holiday art gifts
  • Get back to drawing Quinn like a madwoman for his last 60 or so HP for DOMINANCE!
If I've missed anything or you haven't heard back from me in a note, please let me know.  I got a few notes all at one the last two weeks, so I'm bound to have missed someone.  :D Enjoy your holiday guys and good luck to those still finishing exams!

Skin by SimplySilent


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TahkiBK Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
X3 Hehe, no problem at all.  In terms of getting your first one, there are TONS of contests and people willing to give out pups for raffles, art, ect.  Noebelle (creator) occasionally does some newbie giveaways as well so I would recommend following her stuff .  There's been an explosion of babies lately so there's plenty of people looking for good homes.  And you can post wanted ads in the group as well.  As for the group itself, just read up on the journals; they'll provide a ton of info.  The staff is pretty quick to answer questions and you're always welcome to bug me too.
SlaveToTheMocha Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
Ah I will have to do some YCHs and commissions to raise the points / funds to be able to buy imports, but once I'm done I'm confused what I do.  Would I send a mod the details and tell them what im looking for and they design it or do I design it and send it in for confirmation. I'm not too sure if I'm confident enough to design one right so I'd be happy to buy a pre-made one instead. 
At least until I get more confident in the group. 
I've been reading up on the journals, but things are still confusing. The starter journal drops straight into things, and is hard to follow. I've gotten the gist of colouration and marking rules, though other things I'm still confused about. 

 To be able to get one, I get the fact that we need to design a handler, but do you need one handler to one toko, or can one handler have more than one? 
Does a handler have to be humanoid, and I know it can be a shapeshifter but could they shapeshift into a toko (not interested in doing so, just want to know if possible.) 

Setting up journals for hunting/ exploration just seems a little confusing. Is it something similar to what you've been doing? 

Is tack compulsory, or can handlers ride bareback? 
TahkiBK Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014

If you get an import (or some sells you a geno which is basically a pup that hasn't been designed yet), a majority of the time it will be up to you to design them.. However, you are more than welcome to request a staff member to do it for you if you don't feel confident in designing things quite yet. All designs are submitted or requested to be done over on the Totemspirit account (the account that uploads all those import sheets). That can be found here → .
I'm still learning the ins and outs of designing these guys, so don't worry lol. They still need to finish the coloration and marking things before it's perfectly clear (we didn't even have those guides up until this month XD )

You need a handler to, yes, enter a majority of the competitions that require it in the rules. You can have one handler to as many tokotas as you'd like (I have one for ten of the fluffs). The only time they want more than one is if you're doing the taming contest entries and that is because one handler can't tame 2 at once. If you never get into taming, then no need to really bother. It's personal preference really of how many you want to make.

Your handler does not need to be pure grade human. I've seen a few people with anthros and other bipedal things that ride them. It's just you see a majority of people. XD I can't answer a person shifting into a toko, but a shape shifting rider I don't think would be an issue.

In regards to tack, it is required for contests or entries that say you need it. Otherwise your handler/rider can ride however you'd like. As of this moment, there's no one set of tack you have to use either. A lot of people just go with horse type saddles or make their own custom stuff, so have fun with it!

Hunting/exploration/art journals are really simple and yep, they can be set up just like mine. You basically just list your pictures there and it gives the staff a place to comment about what you “caught” so you can mark it down. If you never want to do the hunting or exploration, don't worry about this step.

Let me know if you have anymore questions or need more clarification about the stuff above. XD I'm typing at 4am and I'm sure my brain is working oh so well lol.

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Jaimep Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
YOU GOT HIM!!!! CONGRATS! :la: choir 
llama cancanllama cancanllama cancanllama cancanllama cancanllama cancanllama cancan 
KirasDarkLight Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Congrats on taming the wild Toko you were after~! :la:
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