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Requests - Closed by SweetDuke

What to Know:

- Each toko is 50 :points: per slot.
- Only natural mane is available at this time.  If people like these, I'll make a new base to accommodate all manes.
- No real slot limit, but I will close them for a break if I feel there's too many to get out to people in a timely manner.
- I should be able to get these out within 1-2 days from request date.  If it will be longer, I will notify you!
- Please do not remove the watermark on these guys.  I tried to make least invasive as possible. (the watermark in the examples is not the one you'll have on yours :3 )
- You can chose whether or not you'd like their name included in the pic (see example)
- Can be claimed for HP, just remember that recolors are half the normal points!
- Reply to this journal with the filled out form PER TOKO
- DO NOT SEND ME POINTS until I reply to your comment.

Please fill out this form:

Import Sheet:
Add Name: yes/no

Work List:

  1. ---

Tiny Fuzzy Army (Completed)

Tarnook - KirasDarkLight by TahkiBKAnaaya - KirasDarkLight by TahkiBKTikarok - carnivaleart by TahkiBKAurora - Themystichusky by TahkiBK
Vrag - Makienzie by TahkiBKCowboy - mod2amaryllis by TahkiBKMocha - Rajiio by TahkiBKKenai - BloodyLys by TahkiBK
Mik - KaraSkakalac by TahkiBKZhaitan - Ebbarie by TahkiBKAchyuta - clupis by TahkiBKKeyne - clupis by TahkiBK
Dahlia - IzzyShea by TahkiBK

Thank you guys for all the interest!  I'm so happy you're all enjoying the tiny fuzzy butts.

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