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Chibi Commissions Open

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 13, 2011, 2:32 PM
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“Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.” - Stephen King

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What does a hobo and an art college student have in common?  We have no jobs and money to pay for shit.  In my case, art supplies and my car payment.  Since I'm not doing crap on weekends I'm gonna stop dragging my feet and just do commissions until I find a job.

Commissions are for CHIBIS ONLY.  I can't do anything bigger with all the projects slowly piling on before Thanksgiving break.  If you really want something like that, let me know, and we'll see if I can squeeze it in.

Chibis are $10 each
-Additional character to each chibi pic is $5 (This does not mean an entirely seperate picture)
-Three characters maximum please
-They are all full body and shaded :D
-There are 5 slots.  I close when they are filled and will re-open when all are completed.
-Examples can be found in my gallery

Contact me through:
DeviantArt note

My Artwork Policy
As the artist, I reserve any and all rights towards each piece of artwork. Therefore I may use it in portfolios for school, work, etc. I can deny any commission if I feel it does not fit my guidelines or I am uncomfortable with what is asked. All commissions are for non-commercial/personal work. As a commissioner, you may do whatever you wish with your artwork once you receive it but are not allowed to reproduce it for your own profit.  You receive the picture, not the copyright.  Please contact me if you wish to discuss the copyright.  All I ask is that if used online, you use the watermarked version to prevent any possible theft. And finally, I can change the prices of my commissions at any given time.
By Emailing/Noting me, you have accepted these terms.

What will I draw
    * I will draw ANYTHING.  Dog, cat, dragon, etc are good with me unless there is something listed below I'm not comfortable with.
    * I will not draw people.  I royally suck at them right now.   Same goes for anthros.
    * I will not draw anything vaguely pornographic or suggestive in nature. I will direct you to another artist that can fulfill your commission.
    * I will not draw copyrighted characters such as Disney, Pixar, etc. This also includes any characters blatantly based off of these characters. (Ex- a fox colored like Naruto).
*I WILL draw Pokemon however
    * I will not draw another person's character unless it is to be a gift.

I'm taking only PAYPAL at the moment for these as I need the money as soon as possible.  Contact me and I will make a general sketch of the chibi.  If you like it, I will give you my paypal ID to send the money to while I complete it.  You'll receive a watermark and unwatermarked version of the final thing.

I work extremely well with detailed references or simply a good picture of a character/subject you'd like drawn. Images with heavy shading and a poor representation of their colors will be asked to have a color swatch sent with it so I can get them correctly. The clearer the picture/lack of advanced shading is the best. If you do not have a reference, I will need a VERY detailed description and a color swatch still unless you'd like me to wing it. I will contact you more often for worded descriptions to be sure that I am meeting your ideal picture. If your commission piece in mind does not require a reference (Ex- you just want a picture of a fox), then just state so in your message.


The Art List

To Do:
-Collab (colored version received, background to be colored)
-Dimi x Trixxxy dragon trade
-Watercolor xmas gift

All artwork found on this gallery is ŠErika Q. aka Blackitsune. I DO NOT allow the use of my art for blogs, websites, forums, etc so please do not ask me.

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OR PAY HER FOR ME. PLEASE? Only not really lol. I do wish I had the money though >: I totally know who I'd want as a chibi.
Jessi-Mei Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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November 13, 2011