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Goodbye headphones and hello stupid addictions

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 30, 2010, 12:52 AM

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I'm posting this at 3:40am and sorry it's so spawn of the moment/typed retardedly.

D: So random.  My favorite-ultra-awesome-had forever-non annoying DS headphones have all but officially died on me.  Okay the left ear has died and now I'm without headphones.  I refuse to use those sucky ipod ones because they constantly fall out oh and yeah..DEAFEN YOU.  Sooooo I must be on the hunt for new clippy headphones.

IN OTHER NEWS:  I gotz my car and now have no extra spending money.  And seeing as how I JUST remembered I had a stupid wishlist on amazon AFTER my birthday passes made me want to look through it.  D: I SHOULDN'T HAVE!  Now I remember how badly I want these two Halo figures.  Yeah I'm a pathetically sad fangirly even Twilight girls would cringe at my obsessive-ness.  Alright I've just always wanted an Aribter figure and the newer gens of McFarlane stuff looks amazing.  Then of course I find he has a Rtas and a hunter figure.  T.T But of course they jack the price up for them cause they're special and the hunter one is just BIG.

Sooooo I'm debating about opening some commissions for what I plan to call "Bk's Sad Fangirl Fund".  Oh and I need cash for headphones too lol.  So...DEBATES!  -molests pretty pics on the website-

Rtas who I want more than anything :heart: ->…
Arbiter who I've wanted since the launch of Halo 2 ->…
Hunter wouldn't be complete without my second favorite covie ->…


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VeiledOverdose Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2010
Awwwww poor headphones. D: It's sad when a pair of epic headphones die~ And hehe right now the headphones I mainly use are these 50$ ones I got for Christmas. Has bass-enhancement and they are just awesome. I LOVE THEM.

AHHH COMMISSIONS?! I'd so be in line for 'em. *actually has money for once XD* If ya open them c:
Taxtm Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2010   Digital Artist
Personally, I like the "marshmallow" ear-buds more than most of the clip-on earbuds, since those hurt my ears when I use them for long periods of time, and they're not easy to listen to in bed, since I listen to music at night to try and get to sleep. Maybe you should look into that? As far as your fund-raising goes, If I can raise some extra cash, I may be able to ask for a commission from you. I'm hoping, at least. THOSE FIGURES LOOK KICKASS!
RocketMeowth Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2010  Professional General Artist
O.M.G. BK. xDD

I so sorry about the headphones. I remember I had this wicked soft on your ears, blocks out all noise, sound adjustment on the cord thing headphones for like... the longest time. They died though cause I used them every damn day for years and they just couldn't handle the epicness that was me. xD

If your commission prices aren't too high, I may get one from you. I know what it's like to be obsessive over something. There are so many Meowth things I keep taunting myself with on Ebay that I can't afford (dragon sculptures to at this store near me. xD

AND OMG I AM PLAYING SOULSILVER TOO (who isn't?). How far are you/what was your starter/if I ever get my damn wifi working would you want to a have a fail-batle?

=^^= Nya
TahkiBK Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2010
Yeah it sucks when you lose an awesome headphone set. It outlasted 3 different ipod sets plus a sony one so it died a good little trooper. Lol your epicness kills technology.

D: I might pick out a few things from my list and drop the prices to entice people lol. Damn you obsessiveness! That's why I avoid all those dragon shops and ebay. I've run out of shelf space to keep all my current dragon/Egyptian/wolf/zoids/horses/random alligator collection.

POKEMANZ! I'm such a child lol. Hmmm I'm at the fourth or fifth gym (my brother stole my ds for a bit to transfer pokemon from his older games plus lost my only stick). XD And I'm reliving my old Gold game so I started with my baby chikorita. HELL YEZ. I'm collecting peeps for an ultra awesome battle.
RocketMeowth Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2010  Professional General Artist
My epicness does kill technology. Maybe I should go into stores with a sign that says, "Warning, tech dies to my awesome"? xDD

AND HOLY SHIZZ! There is this neato store at a mall near my school that has an entire section of dragons. Dragon tables, lamps, clocks, statues, and other meaningless junk I don't need yet want. And it's all like, REALLY cheap to! I stay away so as to not die from money loss and overcrowded dragons in my room. xDD

CHIKA! Haha, I started with ma wittle Cyndaquil like in my old Silver. I'm cruising around Kanto before getting my badges so I can just fly to the gyms, being all cool like that. AND SWEET MOTHER YEAH BATTLE!

=^^= Nya
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