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Wed Jul 14, 2010, 11:17 PM

Tagged by :iconrisha: and :iconjessi-mei: for Pia and Arisha.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names with the creators' avatars.
5. No tag backs. Tag meh again, it's fun.

(I'll try not to give away any comic spoilers)

1. Most important fact: Pia is pretty much mute.  An inury as a pup left her throat severely injured and damaged her vocal cords.  She can muster a whine or two but otherwise, she's unable to bark, howl, talk, ect.  She relies heavily on body language to get her thoughts across.  Soloman and Centrailia have been around her long enough to get what she's saying pretty quickly so they'll sometimes act as translators.  Pia is shy to began with so she dosen't try to interact with others outside her tiny group.

2.  Pia is the second smallest character in Iron Rome, Arisha being the smallest by a mere 3 inches.  Compared to the boys she travels with, Pia looks like a bug when in fact, she's the average size for a timber wolf.  I use her height a lot to compare to the size of Soloman and Centrailia for the readers.

3. Pia's design has been changed more than 4 times during her creation.  The only thing not to change are her fur colors and her eye color.  She originally had a more complicated design with spots but has been hacked back during each change until it was more simpler.  This was also done to match the less flashy designs of the other comic wolves.  

4.  Her eyes are a dark, aged pink.  She is the only character I've ever made with those colored eyes.  In Iron Rome, only Pia and the praetorian siblings are the only ones to have a reddish eye color.  Marcus, Brass, and Vita (the siblings) belong to a family that are the only ones to have that color.  Pia's eye color suggests that sometime during her line, a family member mixed with the praetorian guard.  This means that Pia may be technically related to one of the most powerful families in the Rome pack.  (yay spoilers)

5.  She's my favorite female wolf character that I've ever made.  I spent a long time creating her as well as fleshing out a story.  Pairing her up with my favorite male wolf just made her even more awesome.  XD I've only drawn her by herself for her references and the rest are always lovey theme pics with Centrailia.  Of all my characters, she's the one I'd like to get fanart of the most besides Solo.

6. Semi spoiler!  Pia, when she belonged to Rome, was actually from a noble family.  Her father held a seat in the pack's council (which was a huge deal) and had a sister named Kiyo.  When she was a pup, she offend played with the emperor's twin daughters, Cassia, and Cecilia.  Her mother was great friends with theirs so they often spent many days with eachother while their moms talked.  Pia also grew up with Marcus when he was being trained to look over the twins so Pia actually knows quite a lot of now powerful characters in the comic.

7. Pia loves collecting bluebells and it's a common theme I put in an chapter covers that involve her.  They used to grow around her family's home and she often heard her mother comment on how much she loved them.  She often collects a huge amount of them to leave at her mother's grave them they travel close to Rome.  Centrailia always knows she's been collection them because he'll joke that they turn her tounge and muzzle blue.

8.  Pia is the feminine form of the late Roman name, Pius, which means pious and dutiful.  She is devoted to her adopted family and is surprisingly, very accepting of the events that have happened during her life from being mute to being exiled from Rome.  She's one of a few characters that actually have Roman names; the others being Cassia, Marcus, and Vita.  The noble families often stuck to giving roman names to their kids.

8D More rome wolfies

1. Arisha like stated before, is the smallest wolf in the entire Iron Rome comic.  She is also one of the few arctic wolves that belong to the Rome pack.  They're snooty and like to keep the pack mainly timber wolves to prevent the mixing of their "better blood".  She enjoys being a tiny wolf because it allows others to drop their guard around her, allowing her to probe around and learn things.  It also comes in handy for scaring the living daylights out of them when she explodes into her tiny, puffball anger mode.  All arctic wolves in the comic are smaller than the timbers (except for Nickolai who's only a inch above Pia.)

2. She's famous in Rome for her horrible temper.  Arisha has no patience what so ever and dosen't have the mental block that stops things from coming out of her mouth.  She's a smart ass and utterably anti-social at times.  To make up for being a pain in the ass for the pack, Arisha is one crafty little wolf.  She can whip up plans and schemes on the dot which always impressed Cassia.  Arisha helped organize the civil war that overthrew Cassia's father and helped her gain the throne.

3. Arisha is one of the two acting Consuls of the Rome pack.  Consuls run the entire Senate and get the final say in what laws get passed, who joins the Senate, etc.  This means she is the second more powerful wolf in the pack as the Consuls sit just below the Emperor/Empress.  She acts as the ambassador for outside packs and probably isn't the wisest idea considering she's so horrible with her manners.  Arisha actually replaces the consul you see during the early pages of the comic (the one with the missing eye).  What happened to'll have to read lol.

4. She was not born in Rome or anywhere near it actually.  Arisha belonged to a super large pack called Sokoll that lived deep in the Russian mountains.  At it's peak, it was capable of taking over Rome quite easily.  Arisha and her older brother, Nickolai, belonged to an upper class family in the pack until its horrible downfall.  She was terrified of the thing that killed her pack and fled from the area, leaving her brother to lead the tiny group that was left.  Arisha was branded a coward and would probably be killed on spot if she were to return (yes, even big brother would chase her).  She traveled all the way to Rome (being caught by humans and transported to Europe where she escaped helped her of course) and wound up being found on the border by none other than Cassia.  She's been a loyal friend since.  She's never told anyone what happened to her pack.

5. Arisha loooooooooooves picking on Marcus.  He is her living cat toy that she loves to argue and make his daily life miserable.  Despite belonging to the Senate, she can still get away with it because her Consul rank is higher than his Praetor one.  Her favorite topic includes persisting that he is "whipped" by Cassia.

6. She is famous not only for being the most bad tempered wolf in Rome but also the wolf who took a chunk of Sophia's ear (one of the current heads of the rival pack, Ettore).  There were some words said and Arisha thought the best possible way of negotiating with the headstrong alpha was to well..bite her.  83 She's not allowed to act as ambassador when going to Ettore anymore.

7.  Arisha has gone through 2 design changes.  She was originally sparkledog blue which I have changed to a variety of greys and whites.  She's also spotty! (I love spotted wolves, it's an addiction).  Spots were a very common trait in Sokoll and she bears them proudly.  Everytime Rill is in town, she likes to harass him by saying he's "stealing" her good looks.  (Rill is very spotty too).

8.  Because she's a belongs to the Senate, Arisha gets her own praetorian guards to follow her around when she needs them.  Her favorite one is Vita (Marcus and Brass' younger sister).  She originally helped Vita out when the girl got caught by raiding wolves and would have been killed.  Since then, Vita's become her loyal partner in crime.  Because Vita is lazy and Arisha is as well, they spend a lot of girl time sleeping in the shade or playing in the river.

And I tag whoever wants to do it.  D: I'm too lazy to pick out more characters
No wait...:iconjessi-mei: go do Nymeli or Neira.  >8D

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