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R.I.P Babies

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 23, 2010, 12:26 AM
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"Native American languages sound like special kids when they see a kitten." - Razzy

Wow haven't done a journal in awhile.  Sorry for being so inactive.  I've been spending a lot of time harassing my pern forum and working on stuff for my portfolio review for college. (HOMG SO NERVOUS).  Sooooo not much to update about life other than a few things.

1. I have yet ANOTHER corgi added to our family.  Her name is Riley and she was a rescued dog they got from a puppy mill.  They think she had at least two litters before we got her so she's a mama dog and knows how to handle pups.  She was really nervous at first but now she's a complete lap dog/attention whore.  Our other female corgi, Roxy, still gets into little scraps with her but our other corgi, Jake, LOOOVES her.  I'll post the awesome pictures I have of them all playing outside later.

2. My tablet finally kicked the dust.  I always hear about people losing their tablets after about two years; usually being the Bamboo or Graphire brand.  Mine was an Intuos 2 which was bitching some oh..6 years ago.  Since then, two better generations have come out.  Well good old tabbie finally bit the dust after months of slowly dying on me.  Not having the money to drop on a new one, my parents made a deal that if I made them off bit by bit for the next few months, they'd buy me it.  So as you can see by my newest picture, I do indeed have a new tablet.  It's a shiny Intuos4 large tabbie and IT'S AWESOME.

3. And sadly, while adding a new pet to the family, I also lost a few babies.  Last sunday, I woke up to find my little rat Dallas had passed away.  He wasn't even a year old yet and was completely fine the night before.  His brother, Mason, became very clingy to me as that was his only cagemate (Sawyer and Locke must be kept seperate from them).  I was going to start introducing him to the other boys this week because I know how bad it is for a rat to live alone.  Gio certainly was lonely after Dante died.  Two days ago I woke up again to find that Mason had also passed away in the middle of the night.  I have no idea what took both of them from me at such an early age.  They were eating, drinking, and had nice healthy weights.  I'm still at a lost.  I've scrubbed the cage and disinfected it so much you could eat off of it because of suggestions they might have just caught something that took them out so quickly.  For now I'm on super watch for my last two babies.  I can't stand the idea of losing them too.

D: So crappy week has been crappy.


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risha Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
:hug: I'm so sorry about Mason and Dallas. That's so sad. I hope that your other two boys are okay. It's so sad when pets pass away. But, yay for more corgi-ness! I can't wait to see Riley photos. :D

Glad you got a new tablet. ^^ Just out of curiosity, did your table show any signs it was dying before it was unusable? I have an Intuos 2 and reading this made me nervous. lol. Just to make sure, did you ever get my email with the color version of the collab? :?
tabbern Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010  Student General Artist
Aww. Man I didn't even know you owned rats.
I'm trying to persuade my parents that my dog won't be much of a problem to it, but so far I'm just researching about rats.

Anyways, for your problem, I have no idea what happened to Dallas, but it might have been shock that affected his brother. I'm sorry I don't know more about it or could be of more help, but I really hope things turn out better for you and your pets.
Wolflover15 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
I'm sorry for your loss. :( I have a pet dumbo rat named Penelope.
EbonyPayne Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
I'm usually one of your silent watchers but I felt like saying something. I'm sorry you lost your babies, I have a rat of my own. She's a sweet little thing named Toph and I've had her for a few months now. Such sweet and loving creatures, its always heartbreaking to have one die before their prime. I hope the other two come out fine and that they live their lives to the fullest! *Bows and slinks back into the shadows*
squireheart Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
I know what losing a baby feels like :(

I had a hamster named Puddin. She was so sweet. She was with us for a month and then just passed away. It was very sad, she was healthy and the night before running around her wheel. She was in her bed though when she passed away, died while she was asleep. I still miss her, and then we got Gregors. He only lasted a week x.x He was the cutest damn thing. After that... no more getting hamsters from Petland or Petsmart.

We went to a more local pet store that did their own breeding where it was controlled and the males and females were kept seperate. There we got Scarlet, and it's been about 2 months now x.x He's still going. I'd probably bawl my eyes out if he never woke up again.
MehLeeSah Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
Im sorry for your losses :c I know its really hard when they're taken from you way too early. Feel better & enjoy your new little girlie :}
Crazy-12z Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
-clings- Maybe take Dallas and Mason, as well as your two other lil boys to the vet to see what they died of and to see if your other ones have it or have signs. <3 but thats all I can suggest.

GO INTOUS -waves huge tabbie with yours- My Graphier lasted 6 years, but I just needed a new one. It still works..its just too small for me now. I've grown up ;3;

ewe I might be gettin a puppy once we move.. -snickers-

xTheJack Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
Ahh that's so difficult losing pets.
I know when I lost my cat Napoleon I cried for three days. It was bad :/
They're your kids ya' know?
But at least you have a new kid to take care of and a tablet to give a little happy boost.
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