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July 28, 2011


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Seeker Info and FAQ

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 28, 2011, 12:06 AM
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The Seeker Information Thingy!

So I figured it was about time I posted SOMETHING about the whole Seeker world thing I've been doing pictures for.  It's just fun little world I've been playing around with.  It's an excuse to create a bunch of different characters, mini stories, etc.  :D Don't care if it's original or not.  

This is a work in progress!  For the peeps who I've talked to before about it have any questions they'd like added...or hell, anyone who's interested, ask away and I'll update it!  I like posting these and getting questions.  It helps me figure out what I missed in explanation and help form my little brain child better XD.

Thanks to my friends :iconthesammers::iconkujiirum: who helped by asking a majority of these questions!


What is Seekers?

Seekers is a magical little in my head.  It's basically a world that has the belief of reincarnation and that everything has a soul.  Every soul is able to access the powers of their world in the form of elemental abilities.  I'm still debating as of now whether or not humans are included in it (or at least a humanoid being).  Mainly for now, it's any animal you can think of with sentience.  Some live like normal animals and others come together to build cities, create things, etc.

Seekers reincarnation thing only occurs/is important after a creature dies.  Their soul is collected by the Seeker of the next world, and gets to do the whole accepting their death, enjoying their time at what essentially is immortality, and restarting all over again as a new creature.  

What are the Worlds?

There are three:  The Middle, The Lower, and The Upper.  The Middle World is the living world.  Basically everyone does what they want, practice their elements, and live their lives.  The Lower World is where the souls of the dead come.  They learn that they are dead, learn to accept it, and find out what needs to be done in order to continue onwards.  Some choose to stay and others move on.  The Upper World is the last stop on the reincarnation train ride.  They began to lose their elemental abilities and even their pigment until they are essentially, a blank slate.  If they choose to do the final step, the Seeker of that world sends their soul back to the Middle World as a new being.  What they are and what element they get are totally random.

What are the Elements?

The elemental abilities are Ventus, Aqua, Terra, and Ignus (aka air, water, earth, and fire).  Everyone is able to use one and it depends on the animal for what element they are born with.  A deer for example, live primarily in the woods so they have a large chance of being a Terra user.  A fennec fox on the other hand, being a desert dweller, may be born with Ignus.  Birds are the only ones who can access Ventus elements unless they are a very lucky Mixed Soul. And like everything in life, there are always a few who defy law and get a random element.

There are three sub forms of power for each element.  Everyone is capable of using one of these three.  Only complete masters of an element can use them all.  They are as followed:

Terra Elementals - Rock, Wood, and Poison
Ignus Elemental - Spark, Metal, and Ash
Aqua Elemental - Water, Ice, and Steam
Ventus Elemental - Storm, Light, Elusive (these are WIPs and subject to change)

As mentioned before, there is a skill level for the elemental abilities.  Depending on the elemental, some skills levels are more common in them than others.  You are BORN with the skill level, it cannot be earned. There are as followed:

Minor - ability to use the basic elemental power.  They are not able to move mountains or anything really complicated.  A LARGE majority of Ignus users are this as fire is the hardest element to control.  Ventus is the second hardest.

Major - they have complete control over their sub-elemental.  In a way, they are mini masters but in only one field.  There are only a few Ignus users in this field.  The largest group of users for this is Aqua and Terra.

Master - the ability to control every single sub-elemental.  They are the most powerful and can do all the fancy things.  Aqua users are the most common of the Masters.  Ignus Masters are so rare that many people don't think they exist.  Masters in general are not very common.  Seekers are Masters of every single element.

What are Mixed Souls?

A large majority of the population in any world are normal people.  Mixed Souls are more or less, a major screw up in the reincarnation process.  When a soul is being reincarnated into a new being, they may change into a different animal.  During that transformation, the soul may screw up and get stuck between.  This causes the odd mixes like Mr. Peeps who is a jackal/crow cross.  

Because they're not an actual animal, their soul has no mother down below to be born to.  Instead, they are literally shot down to the Middle World as a young creature.  Shooting stars in Seekers are considered a Mixed Soul entering the world.  A large majority of them die because there is no family for them to be born to/taken care.  Some animals are kind enough to take in any of these young kids that they find abandoned and raise them.  There really isn't much of a stigma against the mixes.  It's not their fault and it's considered bad luck to mock them.  There's always that superstition that if you harass a mix, you could become one in your next life.

A Mixed Soul's element depends on what animal makes up the largest portion of their body.  A Mix is only TWO animals combined and there is always one portion that appears more.  Again for example, because Mr. Peeps' body is mostly a jackal, his element is fire.  Mixes can always flip flop to be the elemental of their smaller half but it's rare.

Some Mixes who survive that fall to earth and taken in by someone, may not survive anyway.  They don't always get combined with two animals well enough that they can function to live completely on their own power.  Some may not be able to hunt or even walk well.  Heph, a kudu/cheetah mix for example, has kudu feet and lacks the right anatomy to run and catch prey.  Luckily he has a friend who can do it for him.   It's very hard to find a Mix so badly formed that it's not capable of any real life.

Mixes are infertile and cannot have children.  They have souls like everyone else, can be reincarnated, etc.  It's just in their appearance that they are weird.

How do the animals interact with each other?  Do they all speak the same language?

It depends on where they live.  Some animals don't want anything to do with cities and live like normal animals.  A wolf will hunt down the deer in the area; eagles will catch fish, live in nature, etc.  Some will get together to build cities and make use of their elemental powers.  Most cities are usually an all "carnivore" or "herbivore" to avoid neighbors eating each other.  The only free-for-all cities are the Capitals Magnus, Superne, and Acerbus.  In the Upper and Lower World, since people don't need to eat, they tend to congregate together more.  There are also little villages and what not in some areas.

Every animal has their own language unique to their species and the universal one called Standard.  Standard is more commonly used in the cities and villages where more than one species congregates.  A large majority of the population knows Standard but there are always those backwater people who never bother to learn it.

What's this about a Council?

It was something that started in the Middle World by the large cities.  They decided they needed a ruling group of elected officials to help keep order with those who choose to live in the populated areas.  In the Middle World, every major city has a Council of their own; usually a group of 5-7 members.  Their power only extends of their city and nowhere else.

In the Upper and Lower Worlds, they only have one Council.  Their Councils run every single city in that world.  They of course can be overruled by the Seeker who has complete authority anyway.  The Council is only there to help run the cities.  Depending on the World, a Council member can be elected by a vote from their peeps or be appointed by the Seeker.  Currently in the Lower World, Peeps decides who's on his Council.  Hyperion, for the Upper World, follows the voting procedure.  Atalanta, the Neutral Seeker, isn't involved in the Councils of the living world.

What happens if you're killed in the Upper or Lower Worlds?

You're dead to begin with.  The form your currently posse in either world is just a manifestation of your soul.  Only another soul or a Seeker can kill you in this form.  If you're killed as a soul, that's it.  There's no reincarnation.  You're dropped out of the cycle and will never come back.  

As this really screws with the reincarnation cycle if enough people are killed, both worlds have a strict no killing policy.  That doesn't mean people won't still do it anyway.  Just because everyone is in the bright and shiny Upper world doesn't mean their happy and hold hands.  If your spotted by the Seekers, you're instantly killed yourself.  If someone catches you and reports you, the same thing occurs.  The lucky ones with no witnesses can get away with it.  Just don't go bragging and think of a really good excuse when someone notices that they're missing.

Do you age, eat, or grow old when you're in the Upper or Lower Worlds?

Nope!  Again, you're dead and don't have a body anymore.  Your soul doesn't need a cheeseburger.  The only bodily function you still need to do is sleep; as you can still get tired and worn down.  Aside from the Seekers, everyone else pretty much stays at the age they died at, or feel were at their prime.  If an old cat died and decided he really liked his form at two years old, his soul will manifest as that.  It's one of the many good perks to being dead!

So what happens to your elemental skills once you go to the Upper or Lower?

In the Lower World, you'll still retain your abilities.  You're still coping with your death after all; they aren't going to strip you of everything quite yet.  Once you enter the Upper World, your powers are slowly lost over time along with your pigment.  Your soul is preparing for reincarnation and thus, making you into a blank slate.

If you don't like the Upper World, can you go back to the Lower?

Nope, once the Dark Seeker sends you on your way, that's it.  The only being capable of going between the worlds at will is the Neutral Seeker.  The same can be said for a Lower world resident wanting to go back to the Middle.  There's no skipping on the reincarnation circle.

What exactly are Seekers and what do they do?

There is a Seekers for each world.  The Lower has the Dark Seeker, the Middle has the Neutral Seeker, and the Upper has the Light Seeker.  Seekers are the guardians of their world, ensuring that rules are followed, and that the reincarnation circle goes off without a hitch.   They are masters of all the Elements and are easily recognized by the masks that they wear.

The Dark and Light Seeker are much more hands on with their worlds than the Neutral.  The Dark Seeker is in charge of collecting the souls of the dead, bringing them to the Lower World, and giving them the old "sorry you're dead" speech.  The Dark also controls the Gate to the Upper World, allowing souls who've accepted their death and are ready to move onto the next stage.  The Light Seeker does much the same aside from the soul collecting.  He/she is is the last one in the reincarnation circle, taking those who are ready to restart again and sending them back to the Middle World as new beings.  

The Neutral Seeker usually patrols silently in his/her Middle World.  As this is the living world and people are allowed to do what they want, they have little to do but make sure there is balance among the elementals and no total warfare breaks out.  If someone wants to pull a "kill all the lions" move, they'll pop in to set them straight.  In short, if you have the Neutral Seeker interfering with you, it's bad.  The Neutral Seeker is also in charge of making sure that the Lower and Upper worlds are also doing their jobs.  Because of this, he/she is able to jump between all worlds to visit/inspect.

Who are the current Seekers and how do you become one?

The Dark Seeker is a jackal/crow mix named Mr. Peeps, the Light Seeker is a deer named Hyperion, and the Nuetral Seeker is a serval/barn owl mix named Atalanta.

Every Seeker has one apprentice; a soul they think is worthy to continue their job once they have decided to move on.   Souls who want to be an apprentice try to stand out, do favors for, and even all out begging something.  It depends on the current Seeker with how they choose.  The Nuetral usually watch someone from afar since they don't interfere with their world that much.   Apprentices gain all the powers of their master and will learn for many years how to do their job.  When their Seeker is ready to step down, they'll finally receive their mask.

Atalanta, the Neutral Seeker, is the only one with an apprentice at this time. Her name is Natoshi and she is an arctic fox that Atalanta took under her wing after she died. Hyperion had a wolverine apprentice named Sithon but Peeps killed him (it's a long story). Peeps has had about...four different apprentices. He likes being in charge too much and thinks all his apprentices are eventually going to kill him and take his power. So he kind of goes twitchy and will kill them after some time. He killed his fourth apprentice before taking out Hyperion's. Ever since he hasn't bothered to find another one. Hyperion hasn't started to look for another yet but there is a guy named Morgan who's been pestering him to death for the spot.

Who are the original Seekers and what happened to them?

There were three original Seekers (I think I only posted two of them in my gallery). The Light Seeker is Eurynome the clouded leopard, the Neutral is Techne the addax, and the Dark Seeker was Eleos the secretary bird. And's been about 10-15 different Seekers each for all three worlds. I haven't gotten around to figuring them out yet lol. They all found apprentices, handed over the job, and got reincarnated like everyone else.

The Dark Seeker before Peeps is actually still around. After he handed his job over to Peeps, he went on up to the Upper World as a normal soul. He hasn't been reincarnated yet so he's hanging with Hyperion, discussing old man Seeker stories. Atalanta's teacher and Hyperion's both moved on and have been reincarnated so we'll never see em again.

Can a Seeker be killed?

An average soul can't put a scratch on a Seeker or their apprentices.  Only a Seeker can kill another Seeker.  Since most of them like to not screw up everything, they tend to avoid bloodshed.  For the current timeline in Seekers, the Dark Seeker actually managed to kill the Light Seeker's apprentice.  The Dark Seeker himself has killed a few of his own apprentices because he's a tad insane.

Seekers die like any other soul. They'll vanish from existence and don't get a chance to start a new life. If a Seeker dies and they don't have an apprentice to take their spot, all hell will pretty much break lose. :D That's why they can't leave their worlds to try and kill each other. The Neutral one can go to any world but because their main job is actually keep that balance, it goes against every fiber of their being to kill the other two. No Seekers have been killed at this point. Apprentices though, aren't that lucky lol.
:D And more to come

The Art List

To Do:
-Collab (colored version received, background to be colored)
-Dimi x Trixxxy dragon trade
-Watercolor xmas gift

All artwork found on this gallery is ŠErika Q. aka Blackitsune. I DO NOT allow the use of my art for blogs, websites, forums, etc so please do not ask me.

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witchmodoki Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
Okay, I have some questions.

First of all, it's possible for a Seeker's apprentice to kill them, right? Just because, you know, it might not... *ahem*

Also, is there any sort of limit to mixed souls' species, and can they be a mix of more than two animals, or is it totally possible to have a... bird... fish... lion... *so totally didn't make that up on the spot*

Oh, and would you be mad at me if I tried out RPing one of your characters on LJ? Because I'm basically assuming you would but HNNNG Peeps seems like so much fun to play |D
TahkiBK Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
1. If you're talking about apprentices killing another Seeker than yeah, they can if they get the jump on them. The current Seekers tend to be more experienced using their powers and could probably take any apprentice down pretty easy.

2. Nope, I actually think I wrote that already in the journal up there. Mixed souls are only two species of animal, never any more. XD They're messed up enough already, I can't imagine them trying to get by mixed with more than two.

3. And yeah, he's a personal character of mine and I don't like anyone using them.
BlackCalico Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Imma ask my FB question on here O:

Is there any sort of religious structure in the world of the Seekers, or are they more of a "whatever" kind of population?
TahkiBK Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011
XD I forget everything on FB so good plan! ....I'm so god damn distracted watching those dancing cat icons while typing this...-stares-

The universal belief is that you will be reincarnated and that everything has a soul. A tiny group of people don't acknowledge it and get a lovely surprise after they die. It's hard to deny a religion when one of their "gods" is someone you can have a conversation with lol. Other than that, they really don't worship the Seekers or do anything special. The Worlds acknowledge the Seekers having authority over everything but that's it. D: Iono if you can call it a religion or rather just a universal set of rules.

There are little cults and what not throughout the Middle World though. There may be a few wacky cats in some backwater place that randomly find Peeps fascinating and decide to build tiny shrines to him. It's varied like it is in real life but yeah...mostly they're a "whatever" group lol.
BlackCalico Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WATCH THE DANCING CAT. WATCH IIIIT it stares into your sooouuulll

that's... pretty interesting. XDD

Also, I'm making another seeker character. And s/he will be a munchkin cat. 8I What element were cats generally again? Earth?
TahkiBK Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011
-has no soul anymore- IT'S EVIL, MAKE IT STOP MOMMY.

Kitties are mainly earth and water, with a tad few getting the old fire stuff.
BlackCalico Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
alright thanks.

Be ready for a midget cat sometime... whenever I get around to it
Lyrak Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I have another question to add to the mix here. If the Dark and Light Seekers can't move between worlds, and neither can souls until the Seekers send them, how did Peeps manage to kill the Light Seeker's apprentice?

(I freaking love world building, btw OMG)
TahkiBK Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011
:D I know, it's a lot of work but really fun.

The only ones who can move between worlds are the Neutral Seeker and her apprentice. Peeps took advantage of her apprentice Natoshi when Atalanta came one time to inspect the Lower World, and tricked her into taking him to the Light World so he could "speak" to Hyperion about some issues. Ata and Toshi can take people between worlds if they really need to speak to someone.

<.< He sort of whacked her over the head when they got there and snuck off to go kill the Light Seeker's apprentice. Hyperion found out, got pissed, and would have killed him too but Atalanta showed up to stop them. She kicked Peeps back to his world and basically told Natoshi if she ever did that again, she'd disown her as an apprentice.
Lyrak Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I actually have one I'm semi creating a language for. XD With all the mess that's gone into creating languages and creatures I'd better write something with it. LOL
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