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Streaming Tonight and First Week of School Update!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 9, 2011, 5:41 PM
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:D Oh look I'm still alive.  Survive the big old move and am somewhat more comfy in my new apartment.  I HAVE ROOM FOR MY CRAP. -cough- I like the bigger room.
First week of school is done, even if the one day did get canceled due to some awesome flooding.  Thankfully I live on a hill and don't really drive around that much (tis pointless when you live in the city).  It's um...interesting.  I'm not as overwhelmed as I think a few of the other freshmen since I've been to college before and used to studio hours.  7 hours isn't that much more really and I can get a lot more crap done.

Also got to finally meet :iconkaiserflames: during the school in-door picnic.  D: God I'm such a pansy and let myself become all shy and awkward.  So yeah, excuse me for being all freaky and quiet at the table.   And also to apparently never mentioning my real name to you lol.

I'm going to be streaming tonight somewhere around 9:30-10pmish EST.  Also having a contest with my one friend on there.  This means there will be really odd songs playing that he'll be trying to guess the show it went to.  Feel free to join in and try to beat his ass XD

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To Do:
-Collab (colored version received, background to be colored)
-Dimi x Trixxxy dragon trade
-Watercolor xmas gift

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risha Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
Was totally going to watch but apparently we are watching anime. So...I might show up later. Lol. Have fun!
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September 9, 2011