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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 22, 2010, 12:06 AM
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"Buy them world of warcraft
virginity stays for as long as the subscription remains"

I haven't posted a real journal on here in awhile.  Um not much to update about my life.  I took a semester off from college to work on my portfolio and sock away some money from work.  83 I'm hoping to get into the PCAD for the spring semester but have to get a ton of stuff done before than so yay, wish me luck on that.  (And homg that school is so awesome.  D: I was drooling on the tour)

IRON ROME: Updates
Because a few people have been asking me for when there will be a new page, I guess I'll explain what's going on.  I'm currently trying to find the binder that had the entire script and most of the pages fleshed out.  My parents are a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning and like to toss everything that isn't theirs so I'm HOPE TO GOD that it's just hidden in my room.  So once I locate that thing and spruce up the script a bit, I'll be back to putting out pages.

D: Another thing I get asked questions about (and had story time on my forum about them), are to explain what my seeker critters are and what they do.  And Kuji if you comment one more time about making a forum for them, I'm gonna smack you 8|.  I'm planning to do more artwork of them and flesh out their world so peeps know what the hell they are.

:star: JOIN THE FORUM: :star:
And finally, if you're really bored and like wolf rp, I have a forum up and running for about three months now called Mirage.  We're picking up activity and always have some sick and twisted conversation going on in the cbox.  8D Join the madness!…?…?…?…? :heart::star:

Art List

Art Trades:
:iconblackcalico: coloring
:iconrisha: (collab) lineart done and sent
(chibis) Dimi and Trixxxy Dragons (sketching)

:iconkujiirum: coloring
:iconjessi-mei: coloring

All artwork found on this gallery is ŠErika Q. aka Blackitsune. I DO NOT allow the use of my art for blogs, websites, forums, etc so please do not ask me.

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July 22, 2010