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April 2, 2010




Journal Entry: Fri Apr 2, 2010, 12:42 PM

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If you don't here anything from me after Easter, the supermarket and the crazy people there have killed me.  In short, work is going to be HELL for the next two days.  D: I hate religious holidays.  All this stress and panic over nothing.  However I'm still on my campaign to get my family to acknowledge it as "Zombie Jesus Day".  -has to leave in 10 minutes too- T.T

And I need to get myself away from my damn sewing machine.  I've been working on a plushie gift for a friend that escalated into doing something completely retarded because of that stupid HTTYD movie.  D: First I'm drawing Kai it's Toothless sketches...and now THIS. -punts sewing machine-  And plushies are a pain in the neck to make.  Well...making patterns is the annoying part and so is pinning them down on the fabric.

My god I do a girly hobby......NOOOOOOO

And :iconkujiirum: says thankyou for as he puts it, "crazy people I don't know" wishing him a happy birthday.  From what I heard, his sister was kind enough to tie a bow and a gift around one of their sheep and leave it in his room while he slept.  Oh Sam...I love you so.

D: Commission info will be up tonight or tommorrow because I want to be able to buy stuff again lol.

Here's the TEST plushie for one of my patterns.  I have a new pattern for the head to try out but enjoy the crappy one I have right now lol.

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Taxtm Apr 2, 2010   Digital Artist
...dude... YOU? Making PLUSHIES? That's... that's inconcievable to me, but at the same time, awesome all the same. You gotta post the end result. Dragons are cool enough, but the fact you're MAKING one is pretty kickass.
I know D: Of all the complex annoying hobbies for me to take up. I posted the test pattern for one of em on facebook. XD It's not as bad compared to "Sealdog" who is now the best plushie ever to cross the planet.

Oh I will lol. I'm going all out for it too. I have wire and everything so the wings and tail can be posed >83. I just thank god that Toothless is a simple design, otherwise I wouldn't have even tried. That and there's a Jessi emu one in the works -evil laugh-
Taxtm Apr 2, 2010   Digital Artist
lol niiiiice! I can't wait to see! :XD: Can you imagine doing one of that BIGASS one?!?!?! THAT'D be damn impressive, I gotta say. Although, Toothless would still take the cake, since... well, he's freaking TOOTHLESS!
............D: I'd rather shoot myself! But impressive yes lol. Toothless is so awesome that he gets to rank as number 2 on my favorite dragon list. -lurvs Draco till she dies-
Taxtm Apr 3, 2010   Digital Artist
xTheJack Apr 2, 2010
I know how it goes with plushies taking forever.
My friend is making me one.
It was supposed to be my Christmas present.
In 2007.
Still waitin' for that sucker.
I'd start posting sticky notes on all their stuff to remind them. XD Make them feel guilty with "I couldn't sleep last night because I didn't have the plushie you promised me" or something.
xTheJack Apr 3, 2010
Going for the emotional turmoil.
OMG not girly hobbies D= But since it's you ID think it'll turn out that bad with all the effort you're putting XD
Risetto Apr 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beat them back with a stick. Its the only wayyyyyy~
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