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Stalker Frogs and Ghetto Horses

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 18, 2010, 11:45 PM
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Greetings from North Carolina!

8D I'm stuck down here for the week on the lovely Outer Banks.  You know you're in a remote spot when the road ends and you have to drive a straight 10 miles on the beach to reach the rental house.  It was wi-fi and all the air conditioned coolness I could ask for.  It's fun to come on after 3 days without the internet to see some 300+ messages to go through.  FUN.

Anyway the drive was fun and so was our first day.  We attempted to make a sand castle like little kids until the surg finally killed it.  Then we played out in the ocean; me getting my ass kicked several times by monster waves.  And then we ended our beach adventure by digging a massive hole which now we're sure some unlucky car must have driven through.  Did I mention how much fun it is to count all the cars that are clearly not four wheel drive getting caught in the deep sand?

Well becuase of the lovely sun and me having the skin tone of a vampire, guess who got burned despite lotion?  Yeah that's right, I got burned AND received another nasty dose of sun poisoning.  I got to spend two days of my vacation so far literally unable to move from pain or even sleep.  So I've been up all night watching movies and our "stalker frogs" that crawl over the windows at night to eat the bugs.  

The best part of the trip so far?  This is the last place on the north eastern coast to have wild mustangs.  Yep, good old wild horses that walk down the beach while you're tanning.  We saw a ton just driving around and last night during dinner, a huge herd came up and UNDER the house for awhile.  I'll put up some pictures I took once I get home.  8D I'm such a huge baby for horses and it's fun watching them not give a damn about people being so close, not to mention my "scary" corgis who tried to bark and chase them.  The horses kind of gave them that "you're kidding right?" look and kept grazing.

So aside from being bed/couch ridden on an assortment of pain/creams, it's been a pretty interesting vacation.

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Yrior Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
;-; Yeah, I know what you mean about the sunburn. This year, I gave up mostly on sunblock and kept to staying under the umbrella. x3 This didn't stop me from flying my kite while it was I got sunburn on my arms, face, and legs. ;-; I've only seen the horses on Shackleford, but they're amazing. :3 Not so many Banker Ponies near Emerald Isle, hehe.
Jessi-Mei Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MUSTANGS!? Damn, Jessi wants to try horse meat, but if they're the last to be wild on the eastern coast, I guess they're pretty protected. BUT I'M SURE THEY'RE PRETTY TOO! 8D Can't wait for pictures either.

And HA HA HA! You got sun poisoning~ I've been sun burnt pretty bad, but never to the point of blistering or mah skin just falling off. x3 Aloe vera and a vinegar bath is your best bet. You'll smell like a pickle, but it neutralizes the sting. Yay Olde World remedies!
Brandrvael Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010
Yay, horsies!

But... sun poisoning??? There is such a thing? Or is that what you crazy American's call heat stroke? lol
RocketMeowth Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010  Professional General Artist
Sounds like one hell of a time.

=^^= Nya
CrossHound213 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010  Student General Artist
WILD MUSTANGS????? really??? we'll have to go there for vacation sometime XD

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August 18, 2010